Window Users

Here are some simple steps to help you. Remember we build websites, we are not IT specialists. If you do require Rocket301 to set up your emails we will charge you £65+ Vat plus expenses. Call for details.

First determine what version of Outlook you are using. The instructions here are for Outlook 2010, revisions and updates happen frequently but in the main you should be able to work with these.

Go to ‘File’ – ‘Account Settings’ add ‘New Account’.


You can access your email via webmail as well by typing your www.domain name.co.uk /webmail

You will then see a screen for email address and password. Remember this is your email address and not user name.


You put your email address here not the user name!

Once you have entered your details you will see the following screen, you can set forwarding options, set auto responders if you are going to be away etc. To read mail we tend to use Round Cube, so if you click this it will take you to your inbox.


If you decide to also put your email account on your phone or ipad, then you will need to tick the box in the email settings that says ‘ keep messages on server’ you will need to do this on all of your pc, phones and ipads. This means that your mail will be kept on the mail server until you delete it. If this is the case you will need to regularly manage this via webmail. You will have a quota and once you get to 100% you will not receive mail. So either set the messages to delete after xx amount of days or if you only want a copy of mail when you are out of the office delivered to your phone, then just tick keep on server on your phone only. This way your work PC will download the email into outlook and only those messages that aren’t delivered will come to your phone. Eg. So when you finish for the evening, the mail will be copied to your phone.