Although you should make sure that everything you print for your company from brochures to t-shirts should have your website address displayed, the majority of people are hopefully going to find your website through Google, BING! or to a lesser extent one of the hundreds of other search engines out there.

Luckily you don't have to spend a huge amount of money on getting your website indexed by Google, BING! and friends. as they are always looking to add more sites to their indexes. The trick is actually to get your site on the first of the search engine results pages (serps) for the search terms that your potential customers are using.

So if getting into the search engine index is easy, what about getting onto that first page?

Getting on the 1st page

We look at all aspects of your website to improve it's ranking and although it's not an overnight fix over time you will see an improvement as long as you do the right things on the site.

Among other things we will look at the site content, the code used on the pages, how the site is built (the site must be CSS driven to be friendly to search engines). This will take care of the on site optimisation which is the side that you can deal with as it is under your control.

To really get ranked well however you must look to the off site promotion of your website as it's the links coming to your website that the search engines are really looking at. A website with a lot of quality links to it will show them that your website is considered a good resource and worth displaying higher up their results pages than another less well linked website.

We can make some recommendations of potential sites to target for links but be aware that the process of off site promotion is time consuming and can often be expensive with no guarantee of success as you can't force people to link to your website.

Some of the things we can do though include press releases to thousands of outlets who could add a link to your website and we can recommend and even write some content for your website that people may be interested in linking to.

So if you are ranking poorly for the search terms you think your potential customers are using then Rocket 301 Marketing can help you improve your site ranking. Contact Us now to discuss how we can help you get more customers