There are a lot of people out there designing and building websites and choosing the right company to work with is probably the most important thing you will do before you set up a new website or even redevelop an existing one. If you make a wise choice you will be working with them for a long time and it's important that you feel comfortable with the designer. It's also crucial that they are available when you need them, with that in mind you should look toward a company based in the UK who are available during normal UK working hours.

Can't I just do this myself?

We have worked with a large number of clients from many different industries and many of them are small businesses, individuals or SME's. We know how to make quality professional websites for a small business that will rank well for Google, BING! and the other search engines and we don't charge a fortune to do it.

You can of course do something yourself but the one thing to consider is if you will get more business from a professional website than from a home made version.

If you think you would get more business from a professional website then how long would it be before that saving you made on the website is actually costing you money?

What do I need to give you?

We will put together a site structure before we start any of the work and once that is signed off we will create a design and keep revising it until you are happy. We will obviously discuss with you the requirements of the website for the site map and then when we start work on the design we would need to know any guidelines that you have for the company brand. Ideally a leaflet or printed brochure is perfect as it gives a feel for your brand and the designs you are currently happy with before we start the design process.

Don't worry if you don't have any brochures or leaflets as often all we have to go on is a letterhead or even just a company name and from that we have still managed to create a fully functioning website.

How much will it cost?

Cost is obviously the main concern for most of our clients and although we do not work for free we do deliver a quality website for a reasonable price.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail then please contact us for a free quote under no obligation. We also offer free website support and alterations for a month after the website launches*.