Deafness Research UK

We were asked to put forward a tender to redevelop the website for Deafness Research UK as their existing website was beginning to groan under the strain of so many pages and an organic growth of sections and pages which mean that it was very difficult to find the content that you were looking for.

As part of the process we explained our thoughts on user engagement and how we would view the structure of the website to be a priority. We found that we agreed with the team at DRUK that a period of housekeeping should be undertaken to remove a lot of superfluous content and bring the website into order.

With hundreds of pages still left on the website we had to look at the navigation and search facilities to make it a smooth journey for the customer. We added tags to make searching easier and colour coded the sections and added breadcrumb links so users would know where they were on the website.

The 'Monkey Magic' content management system is easy to use which is a boon when the staff are constantly changing and with a two tier authorisation system users can make changes to the site and then administrators that authorise the changes once they have been checked.


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