Chicken Cyclekit B2B

Chicken Cyclekit are a large trade supplier within the cycling industry. Their b2b website provides an easy method for their customers to order stock and keep up to date with the new products that Chicken Cyclekit have available to them.

Their existing b2b website had served them very well for a number of years but with the advances in web technology and the need for more control over the site themsleves they felt that the bespoke site was lacking in certain areas. We redeveloped the b2b website by building a new foundation for presenting the content which was mobile ready but retained many of the bespoke modules that had already been written to link the site with the legacy systems in use by Chicken.

We added a full content management system that was bespoke for their use and allowed them the control they so badly needed but with the backup of knowing that we can help them achieve anything that the admin currently does not offer either on an adhoc basis or by writing a brand new bespoke module.


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