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Franchisee Response Handling & SITREP Manager

Response handling from the telephone enquiry to conducting the franchise interview with one of our qualified franchise consultants.

We also have a dedicated prospect management system called SITREP Managertm that franchisors use under licence, which helps them to organise the leads and follow up the enquiry in a timely fashion. It has proved to be invaluable within this sector.

SITREP Managertm is an online system which means that there is no software to install and you can use any computer anywhere in the world that has a web browser and an internet connection. You access the system by using your favourite web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

How does it work?

New prospects and leads are added to the system by a member of the team or centrally by an administrator depending on your lead management structure.

On the road? How about if the prospect's contact details were sent directly to your mobile phone!

If someone other than yourself adds a lead to the system under your name then a text message will be sent instantly to your mobile phone and an alert is sent to your email address. A default task can also be set which ensures that you are reminded to call the prospect within 24 hours

Your situation report emailed direct to you every day

Every day a situation report is created showing how many new prospects have been added in your name to the system during the last 24 hours, how many tasks you have to complete today and how many are overdue. This is a great way to schedule your day and means that you are always on top of what needs to be done to maximise each and every lead.

Schedule and record every communication with the prospect

Any communication between your business and the prospect can be scheduled in advance or even added ad hoc to ensure that you maximise every lead.

As the prospect is followed up, more phone calls and emails will be sent and these can be recorded on the system together with any notes relative to them. This means that anyone within the business will be able to look at a prospect and know what has been said previously and what has been promised.

Set reminders with "to do" tasks

Tired of writing lists on scraps of paper? Create the list in SITREP Managertm instead and you will be reminded in your daily SITREP email.

As an administrator you might want to take advantage of the "to do" tasks which can be set by a user or by an administrator on a user's behalf.

Learn more about your business through SITREP Managertm

As you use SITREP Managertm for a period of time you will start to see if there are problems with following up prospects and if certain members of the team need help to turn "hot prospects" into clients or customers.

For example, you could create a report each month to show all the cold prospects and perhaps drive some marketing activity toward them in the shape of a special offer to attempt to warm them up.

Turn on the job reporting system and you can set financial targets for each month

SITREP Managertm is more than a prospect manager and by simply turning on the invoicing module you can record of what work has been ordered from each client. Each "job" is added to the system and a running total can be seen whenever you login.

With 5 status levels for each job you can see what jobs are planned, being worked on, cleared for invoicing. An administrator can then change the status to show if the invoice has been posted and finally if the payment has been received.

With the invoicing module up and running you can see what money is coming into and out of the company together with the aged debt and how much money each member of your team has brought in.


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